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The Angel Roll is A Child's Place CASA's own exclusive 5-year giving opportunity for businesses, individuals, and civic groups to provide us with a more solid financial foundation.  Application

Guardian Angel ($1000 and up)

Provides one year of CASA Volunteer Support
The Serra Foundation®

Angel ($500-999)

Provides one year advocacy resources for a child
Wellsburg Lions Club
Carol & Bill Lynn®
The Basil Center for Complete Dental Care
Ruth C. Lewis

Archangel ($250-499)

Provides for one quarterly newsletter
Weaver Media Group®
Robert & Barbara Leisten®
Waldorf Distributing
Beverly Bonaventura®
Mike, Deb & Michelle Woodstuff®
Sherry & Tony Paull in Honor of Summer & Angela

Seraphim ($50-249)

Provides for 40 hour training session
Carole Scheerbaum®
Reverend & Mrs. Larry Jackson®
Linda J. Huggins®
Sam & Shelba Hubbard®
Nicole & Rob Leimbach®
Michelle & Todd Levey®
Teresa Barkley®
Neal & Joan Smith®
Joyce Woodstuff®
Keli & Clay Henderson®
Kris & Steve Roberts®
Jenna & Tom Boley
Kim Donnelly
Kevin Heck
Tinity U.M. Church
Parenting with Love
Trinity Episcopal Church®
Barbara Freshwater
Zoë A. Calvert®
Rochelle & Rahul Keshap®
Michelle Brula
Amy Brula
In memory of Dick McCullough by Rich & Heather McCullough
Isabell Metzger
Darlene Cortez
Dr. Larry & Mrs. Carol Grimes
Jim & Linda Molnar
Helen Kohen
Matt & Carrie Bennett
Richard J. Krisak & Company
Michael G DiDomenico
CPA Lynn & Jason Fox®

Cherubim ($49 and under)

Provides training manual for a CASA Volunteer
Rhonda Stubbs® Tom & Kim Schukis® Brooke County Rotary®
Karen & Chuck Hawkins Julie Miller Jenny & Jorge Diaz® Mike & Tina Thompson®
Jennifer & Paul Reitter® Kimberly Justice Cathy Rusnak® Tracy Thomas
Mary Jane McElroy Joanne Dobranzski Olga Adams Mari Kyanko
Alden, Mirabai & Amalia Keshap ® Michelle Wuyak® Linda J. R. Viderman
Senator Jack & Kris Yost In honor of Debbie Woodstuff by Carl & Lynn Bish®
John Schwertfeger   Beth Swager

®means the member has committed for additional five years!
Angel Roll donatons to date is $78, 319.40 as of 2-1-14!!